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Building your brand online takes an abundance of time, effort, creativity and planning. There are many social media case studies that discuss why a social media strategy failed. However, there have also been many success stories. These are the companies that understood exactly how to successfully connect with their customers and followers, while simultaneously capturing their attention to creating brand awareness and loyalty. Three winning social media case studies include Coca-Cola, Dell, Starbucks. These social media case studies highlight some of the best ROI examples to date. Through a comprehensive social media strategy, you’ll reap additional benefits including better customer experiences, increased brand awareness and lower support costs. Knowing exactly how and where to start is the key to social marketing success.
Challenge As Mercedes-Benz USA launched its newest E-Class and S-Class models, they sought innovative ways to build awareness about their luxury line by sharing compelling content with an affluent audience. They also sought a marketing tool that would add value to its Display Ad branding campaign on LinkedIn. Solution Mercedes-Benz USA, working with digital agencies Merkley + Partners and Razorfish, used Sponsored Updates coupled with Display Ads to promote videos of their luxury line to a targeted audience in a relevant and meaningful way. Sponsored Updates helped Mercedes reach a premium audience that’s receptive to its marketing messages, in a context that drives greater relevance and impact. As part of its Sponsored Updates campaign, Mercedes-Benz USA: Created greater reach for content about the new E-Class and S-class models Generated real-time analytics on content, providing insight for future content development Targeted content to both a broad audience of professionals and senior executives Used LinkedIn Display Ads to drive qualified traffic to Mercedes-Benz USA website Results Sponsored Updates provided a new way for Mercedes-Benz USA to engage with high-net-worth professionals, resulting in engagement rates of up to 1%. The ability to add rich media content such as video to top-performing posts also helped drive high engagement.
As well as looking at the direct revenue driven from social media channels, smart companies will be looking at the longer term impact of social media activity and just how valuable these customers are after the initial sale or contact point. A case study from CareOne is useful here. They introduced a new social customer care team, to use social technologies to reach out to current and prospective consumers. What they found was that customers that had come through one of these social touchpoints, filled out the customer consultation form at a higher rate than other customers, at 179%. They also completed their first payment through the company, at a higher rate of 732%. What this shows is that using social technologies can help you to qualify leads, but also drive more engaged traffic. The outcome of a personal contact through social media is that the customer will ultimately trust you more and will also be more invested in the company by the time they come to complete the sale, leading to an increased likelihood they will convert.
Providing an alternative way of viewing the ROI from social media, this case study from Cisco shows how social technologies saved them over $100,000 on a product launch. Instead of looking at their traditional method for launching a product, which would have been a costly activity, they looked to social media instead, to do things in a slightly different way. While normally their product launches would involve flying in high profile execs alongside methods such as costly newspaper ads, for their new router they ran a launch that took place entirely online. They even turned to Second Life, staging a pre-launch concert in there. And while their online launch saved them money, it also allowed them to reach a wider audience, further extending the value of the campaign. In total, the online launch cost a sixth of their traditional product launches and produced better results. A great example to show how social media can be used to change the way a business typically operates, driving ROI where you might not expect it.